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“The List”

Planning a wedding while living overseas was certainly a challenge, but in retrospect I’m quite glad we weren’t in Canada at the time. There seems to be a different wedding convention every weekend in January and February, and I don’t think our engagement would have lasted had I been dragged to every single one of them.

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“The Bag”

This is a fairly common scenario in our household: me getting blamed for things gone missing. All I can say is if you put things back in the place where they belong rather than leaving them sitting around the house for eons on end, situations like this wouldn’t happen.

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“The Conundrum”

I have a feeling that a lot of readers out there can relate to this situation. I’ve seen it happen too many times in my lifetime to just be happenstance.

Laura Fun Facts:

*In the first panel, the parsnips seen on the right side of the panel are a nod to the $10 organic parsnips that just happened to be the only parsnips in Singapore at the time they were needed for an important recipe.

*The trousers that Laura’s wearing were purchased at the night market in Chiang Mai, Thailand. While I’d be happy never to see a night market in Asia again, the one in Chiang Mai is an exception.

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“The Meal”

This week’s strip has the distinction of being Laura’s favourite. This probably has something to do with the fact that while these strips are autobiographical in nature, it’s often necessary for me to alter some facet of the situation to fit the constraints of the page. Not so with this one. The above is a direction transcription of the exchange, complete with facial expressions.

Laura Fun Facts:

* In Singapore we used to eat on our patio table outside. This was a nice, relaxing way to enjoy a meal, especially after sundown when the temperature dropped from 1,000,000,000 degrees celsius to 999,999,999 degrees celsius.

* The short wall behind us separated us from the sweet but senile old woman who lived next door (who often broke out into showtunes or Japanese nationalist hymns without notice).

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