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“The Bus Stop”

This week’s strip contains one of my favourite pieces of dialogue that I’ve ever written. I’ll let you guess what it is.

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“The Clock”

The clock in question is actually one that I purchased in China. Painted on the clock face is an inspirational revolutionary scene depicting the proletariat rising up against the evil forces of capitalism. When the alarm rings, the fist of one of the cadres raises up and down, feverishly rallying his comrades to move forward in their struggle. It is a beautiful thing to see, not to mention loud.

The words coming out of Laura’s mouth aren’t really hers but mine. You should see the look she gets when she sees a baby. Her entire face just melts in pure ecstasy and she pretty much turns to goo. In other words, it’s really me who can hear her clock ticking, ’cause it’s so damn loud.

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“The Wait”

One advantage of having a wedding website with an online RSVP is that theoretically people should be able to respond faster. It saves all that time opening up envelopes, filling out an RSVP card, sealing it up again and mailing it off. All that’s required is a click of the button. In the end, this didn’t seem to be the case and we were still chasing up a few people up until a few weeks before the wedding.

The other dilemma was that with a platform capable of instantaneous response, similar to email, was that once we did get a few RSVPs, we assumed that the rest would come flooding in around the same time. As this wasn’t quite the case, checking for updates became addictive as much as it was dull.

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“The Invitation”

It really was an awesome invitation. My only regret is that we didn’t make it poster-sized so that people could hang it on their walls, but I can’t imagine how much that would have cost us!

Laura Fun Fact: If you were to see a taxi driver driving on the left-hand side, you know you’ve had one too many Tigers. Cars in Singapore are right-hand drive, making it impossible for the driver depicted above to be sitting where he is. I noticed this after I’d finished drawing the strip, but was just too lazy to do anything about it. The cars in the top panels, however, are driving on the correct side of the road.

Finally, here’s a peek at the original invitation that those invited to the wedding would have received:


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