“The Wait”

One advantage of having a wedding website with an online RSVP is that theoretically people should be able to respond faster. It saves all that time opening up envelopes, filling out an RSVP card, sealing it up again and mailing it off. All that’s required is a click of the button. In the end, this didn’t seem to be the case and we were still chasing up a few people up until a few weeks before the wedding.

The other dilemma was that with a platform capable of instantaneous response, similar to email, was that once we did get a few RSVPs, we assumed that the rest would come flooding in around the same time. As this wasn’t quite the case, checking for updates became addictive as much as it was dull.

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3 thoughts on ““The Wait”

  1. Where I am from, no one RSVPs. No one. It’s always a gamble when hosting a function. We’ll either be overrun with guests, or we’ll be completely lonely. My husband thought there were going to be two people at my birthday party.

    • I wouldn’t say that’s entirely uncommon. It’s especially annoying when it’s something like a birthday party or a WEDDING where obviously the people hosting the event have spent the time and money to physically send an invitation to their door. I won’t name any names, of course.

  2. moml says:

    Kyle and Mel might enjoy this.

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