“The Bus Stop”

This week’s strip contains one of my favourite pieces of dialogue that I’ve ever written. I’ll let you guess what it is.

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6 thoughts on ““The Bus Stop”

  1. Alaine Halkin says:

    I think I can guess 😉
    I can totally sympathise with this. I think this might be my favourite one so far.

  2. moml says:

    You’re right Brett. I would not have guessed the content from the title. Another enjoyable few moments and a reason to look forward to Sundays.

  3. James says:

    Ah, Singapore. I’d love to see the posters encouraging people to be creative – and those government-sponsored “flirting points”.

  4. Sadly, the flirting point was just an installation at the Singapore Art Museum. Although, I’m sure it would just take the right person to see it and decide it might be a good idea to implement it at a national level. They were trying to bribe people into having more babies a couple of years ago, so that might be a good start!

  5. Bama says:

    Only a few days ago I read on someone’s blog about the smile campaign in Singapore’s Changi Airport. Looking at the pictures of the posters I could say this whole thing feels just like typical Singapore ‘indoctrination’. But hey, the city managed to change the old habit of the Chinese immigrants to be more hygiene and ‘civilized’, hence improving the life standard of the country itself. 🙂 It’s funny for people who live outside the country, though, seeing how determined the government is.

    By the way, you’ve got a very nice blog!!! Love your drawings and stories.

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