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“The Real Estate Agent” (Part One)

As if Laura would ever leave me alone to deal with a real estate agent in Singapore. She knows better. She knows that I’d probably flip and do something that I would later regret, such as murder. You see, dealing with real estate agents in Singapore is probably the most stressful experience one could have, even worse than the people who stop suddenly at the top of an escalator to check their phone for messages.

Therefore, I’ve decided to commit myself to a five-part examination of this particular incident in order to fully capture the depths of depravity that one is likely to endure in this type of circumstance. Enjoy.



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“The Move”

I was amazed at the amount of crap we managed to accumulate during our time in Singapore. Needless to say, the souvenirs, wool, shoes and comic books all made their way back to Canada, however, much of what we had did not. I’m sure that the folks at the Salvation Army donations centre are still sorting through our stuff.

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“The Resignation”

I felt as if I wrote myself into a corner with the last strip, but instead of ignoring what had happened, I embraced it. As a result, the weird just gets weirder and I kind of like it that way. I promise everyone that this is the last Star Wars reference I will make, at least for the foreseeable future.

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“The Boss”

One of the challenges in writing a comic strip that attempts to be autobiographical while at the same time appealing to a universal audience is how to communicate certain ‘in-jokes’ that are known to a very small group of people. This would be an apt example. Of course, Darth Vader wasn’t actually my boss, but he certainly did walk like him. On top of that, his boss bore an uncanny resemblance to the Emperor. Regardless, it’s best to think of this as allegorical and go from there.

Laura Fun Fact: There are two other Star Wars references in this week’s strip. Can you spot them?

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