“The Boss”

One of the challenges in writing a comic strip that attempts to be autobiographical while at the same time appealing to a universal audience is how to communicate certain ‘in-jokes’ that are known to a very small group of people. This would be an apt example. Of course, Darth Vader wasn’t actually my boss, but he certainly did walk like him. On top of that, his boss bore an uncanny resemblance to the Emperor. Regardless, it’s best to think of this as allegorical and go from there.

Laura Fun Fact: There are two other Star Wars references in this week’s strip. Can you spot them?

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7 thoughts on ““The Boss”

  1. Arno says:

    Nice man!
    SW ref: Ewok poster and Death Star wallpaper :p, I see a third one: you chocking like Admiral Motti!

  2. chrissie says:

    Pissed myself!!!! Last caption is perfect πŸ˜€

    I hope you have your darth picture up πŸ˜‰

  3. Love it! ha ha ha… great job on the drawings πŸ™‚ haa ha ha.. Oh, sports day is coming up and guess what? Conners is taking out floor hockey- good thing you ended your contract.

  4. JCAT says:

    So you are doing somenthing over there :)) Loved it !

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