“The Real Estate Agent” (Part Four)

This is one of my personal favourites from the series thus far. For me, certain things started to click in terms of storytelling and I really enjoyed the challenge of telling a story without words (you’ll have to let me know if I was successful or not!).

For those interested, Panel One features a glimpse of Teng Tong Road, where we lived during our last year in Singapore. There were about two taxi drivers in Singapore familiar with Teng Tong Road, and the rest just laughed whenever we told them where we lived. Turns out that ‘Teng Tong’ is slang for ‘screw loose,’ which kind of explained why many of our neighbours acted the way they did.


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3 thoughts on ““The Real Estate Agent” (Part Four)

  1. Dave says:

    Clear as a bell!

  2. Isaac says:

    Oh yeah, good one. I love the continuation of the $40 bulb fiasco. I hate CFLs I like my cheap, softer light incandescents!

    • It wasn’t so much that the bulb itself was $40. Knowing Jean, she would have purchased a $5 bulb, have her aged grandmother climb a ladder to install it, then pocket the rest!

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