“The Bridesmaid”

IMPORTANT NOTE: In no way shape or form does Laura condone this strip. This never actually happened. She never spoke the lines written in this strip. This was just me deciding to run with a joke that I fully realize is in bad taste. Sorry, Heather.

In other news, long-time readers may suddenly be scratching their heads trying to figure out how a new “Laura Knows Best” ended up in their mailbox this morning. Surprise! After completing the next batch of strips, I realized just how closely they were tied together. If I stuck with the weekly schedule, it would have taken too long to tell it all. So, lucky you, unlucky me – I’ll be chained to my drawing table frantically trying to maintain the buffer I currently have! I might experiment a little with the days the strips get released, but as of now, expect to see something new on Wednesdays in addition to the usual Sundays.

This past week also saw the first “Laura Knows Best” collectible go into production. Thanks to Janette Ussher, long-time fan and future character in this strip, a sublimely designed business card was sent to press and ready for distribution at this past weekend’s Vancouver Comic Arts Festival. Check out Janette’s Etsy site for other cool stuff, and check out the business card here: LKB_businessCard_3.5x2_HR.

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