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“The Party” (Part 2)

Yay zombies! Everyone’s into zombies these days thanks to The Walking Dead, so I figure I’d cash in. It’s guaranteed to get me at least an extra five hits today, so I’m pretty pumped. They also make a handy metaphor, as I remember being a kid and driving through this neighbourhood in Vancouver and being pissed scared. It was not uncommon to hear the sound of the doors locking as we approached the intersection of Main and Hastings, especially if we had to stop. Had I known that the hordes of drug addicts and homeless were too strung out to ever do anything to me, I might have felt differently.

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“The Party” (Part 1)

So begins an epic, multi-part saga that will elevate this strip to new heights…or lows…as Brett and Laura place their lives in the hands of friends and family during the night of their bachelor/bachelorette parties. If this is your first time reading this comic, you should probably read the previous two posts to get a better sense of who and what we’re talking about.

Joining our ever-expanding cast is Nick, who I’m sure won’t mind me pimping his band’s website: Go and buy their music – it will change your life.

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“Party Planning 102”

I certainly wasn’t present for the second half of this conversation, but I’m guessing that I’m not too far off.

Panel 3 is a quiet nod to the great Carl Barks, the legendary creator behind Uncle Scrooge and the very best Donald Duck stories from the 1940s-6os. Of course, the best example I could find at the last minute is a French translation, but I think you get the picture…

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“Party Planning 101”

Now that I think of it, if our sisters were keen on capturing the ‘Laura’ spirit, they probably would have ended up sitting around our apartment knitting. Thank goodness they didn’t go that route, otherwise it would have made for some very boring comics.

Laura’s sister Leesa makes her debut this week. Both she and Heather have pimped the $#&*@ out of this comic, so if you recognize them in the streets, give them a big ‘thanks’ from me.

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“One Last Thing…”

No matter how much prep time and lists you make, you inevitably feel like there’s at least one last thing you need to do that you’ve completely forgotten to take into consideration. Even though the feeling would keep nagging us until the day of the wedding, luckily everything worked out the way we’d planned it. More or less.

While it’s certainly not explicit in the strip, trying to guess how much alcohol our guests might drink was the most stressful part of the wedding planning process. Okay, at least the second-most stressful.


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“Wedding Planning 101”

I suppose I’m making up for Wednesday’s lack of frowns, tears and grumbles with today’s strip, ’cause it’s got ’em all! The second to last panel is one of my faves, as I feel it illustrates the wedding planning process perfectly. I would like to point out that this is just one of several incidents that followed this pattern. If I were to depict them all, I’d have to repeat the same strip until the end of the year.

On another note, just this week I was sitting in a coffee shop watching a couple go through the same process, and it was interesting to see them go through the exact same motions I depict here. Panel by panel. I had to leave when the girl caught me giggling and gave me a stone cold stare.

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“The Perfect Pair”

No frowns. No tears. No grumbles. Laura challenged me quite some time ago to draw a strip that didn’t have her doing any of the former at any point. However, she didn’t mention anything about me commenting on the massive assortment of shoes that has taken over various corners of our small apartment since we moved in last August…

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“Tough Love”

Sometimes I wonder what strangers must think when they hear the way the two of us speak to each other. We’ve been carrying on this way for 30 years, so it’s only natural for us.

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