“One Last Thing…”

No matter how much prep time and lists you make, you inevitably feel like there’s at least one last thing you need to do that you’ve completely forgotten to take into consideration. Even though the feeling would keep nagging us until the day of the wedding, luckily everything worked out the way we’d planned it. More or less.

While it’s certainly not explicit in the strip, trying to guess how much alcohol our guests might drink was the most stressful part of the wedding planning process. Okay, at least the second-most stressful.


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7 thoughts on ““One Last Thing…”

  1. I really love your strips 🙂 they are amazing
    want to keep reading them 😀

  2. Julia says:

    So what was the most stressful?

  3. Marlon Tang says:

    Oh man, this is gonna be good when we get to the wedding:)

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