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“The Party” (Conclusion)

This week’s strip is probably the fastest to read, but damn did it take a long time to complete. That said, I’m quite pleased with the final result.

Today actually marks the one-year anniversary of our bachelor/bachelorette party, so this is a fitting ‘thank you’ to everyone that came out and made it an incredible night (apologies to anyone who was there and didn’t get included here – I only had so much room! I promise to fit you in a future strip!)


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“The Party” (Part 10)

I’d love it if the people in the washroom stall at the Trap and Gill in Vancouver were to stumble on this comic and (a) realize that someone does know what they were doing, and (b) inform us all that it wasn’t what it looked like.


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“The Party” (Part 9)

Those one-piece lycra suits are really tough to pee in, even when you’re sober! Much easier to pee on. I’m not even sure if Laura had noticed, seeing as she was pretty far gone herself, but it seemed to make more sense story-wise to have her speak the words rather than the person who had (who, by the way, seemed to take great satisfaction pointing it out. Thanks, Trish!).


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“The Party” (Part 8)

Move over Avengers, it’s time for the breakout superhero of the summer season to take centre stage! When I first conceived of this week’s strip, my immediate thought was that I wanted to draw it in the style of Jack Kirby, the creator/co-creator of Fantastic Four, X-Men, Hulk, Captain America, Thor, New Gods, etc., etc. Whether I managed to pull it off is another story, but I think the manic flair of the pictures and words goes a long way in accurately representing the drunken state in which these events occurred.



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“The Party” (Part 7)

An ‘uncensored’ version of this strip does exist, in fact, panel 2 was the most disturbing thing I’ve ever had to draw.

The ‘BJ’ insignia is the initials of my first and middle names, so shame on you if you were thinking something else!

Next: Captain BJ takes to the streets of Vancouver!

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“The Party” (Part 6)

And now things really go downhill. What other degrading articles of clothing will Brett be forced to wear? What other surprises might Marlon pull out of his…pocket? Tune in this Sunday to find out!


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“The Party” (Part 5)

Okay, so maybe “viral” is a slight exaggeration, but there certainly were a large number of passersby who stopped to snap photos of the strangely-clad ladies trying to figure out how to get their van out of the parkade without damaging it further. Surely some of those photos made it to someone’s Facebook page!

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“The Party” (Part 3)

Laura and I had decided that we’d prefer to have a joint-bachelor/bachelorette party, with the condition that we go our separate ways during the first part of the night, then meet up later. This is one of those instances where I’ve altered history a bit by including Laura with her sister and extended family en route to the pub. It was such a ridiculous story that I knew I had to include it. Otherwise, everything – as far as I understand it – is exactly how it went…Come back on Wednesday to find out the cause of that loud ‘CRUNCH!’

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