“The Party” (Part 4)

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4 thoughts on ““The Party” (Part 4)

  1. Andrew says:

    Ok brent, i’m going to need some help here on who is in the strip. Really most of my aunts/cousins look very similar so….. In the first caption its Leesa, Barb or Anna, and Laura? Third Caption Holly. fourth caption behind holly, best I can tell Generic Aunts…?

    • Leesa, Anna and Laura are in panel 1 (Leesa and Laura have glasses on as part of their costumes); Holly, Lynn and Brenda are in the background of panel 2; Holly takes the stage in panel three; and panel 4 is the same as the second. There you have it.

      (Oh, and it’s ‘Brett,’ not ‘Brent’…;)

      • Andrew says:

        Thanks, Brett, my fault I realized I got it wrong when I looked at the “Laura Knows Best by Brett Williams” on the side of the webpage after I posted my question… sounds all the same in my head with all the east coast mispronunciations I grew up with…. Thanks for clarifying who is who, I got most of them right and the last two make sense that you point them out. You can really capture the essence of people even if its only hair style, facial shape, nose, eyebrows and especially chin…

        Take her easy,


      • Thanks, Andrew! I feel I’m more successful drawing some folks than others. Sometimes reducing people’s features to the drawing style I’m using can be tough.

        If you like the strip, you should subscribe. That way you get a new strip sent to you every time I update with a new post. Check the website for details on how to do that if you’re interested.

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