“The Night Before…”

Comics versus sleep? There’s only one obvious winner, even on the eve of one’s own wedding.


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4 thoughts on ““The Night Before…”

  1. Best wishes for your wedding! I love your comics and your blog!!!

    • Thanks! it was actually the best wedding I’ve ever been to, which I suppose is a good thing when it’s your own. Unfortunately, wedding planning leaves little time for drawing comics, so this isn’t happening in real time (something I’m hoping to achieve once this ‘story’ is done). In fact, we celebrated our one year anniversary just last week, so now you know how far behind I am!

      • Haha apon reading this in an extremely sober state I realise that last night in my slightly less sober state thinking that you had time to post comics the night before your wedding was a little unrealistic of me haha but all the same, it doesn’t change that they are amazing comics! Love them heaps!

  2. Colleen Williams says:


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