“The Wedding” (Part 3)

This strip was a lot of fun to draw. I took inspiration from The Smurfs to draw Heather and Leesa scrambling around the house as if they were being chased by Gargamel. Now that would be a strip!

This strip also sees the official introduction of Laura’s other sister Julia (she had a kind of cameo during the party scene a couple of weeks ago), who along with Heather and Leesa, plays the role of bridesmaid. She also holds the honour of being the hardest person to draw, which partly explains why she doesn’t look much like she does in real life. Sorry, Julia. I tried.


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3 thoughts on ““The Wedding” (Part 3)

  1. Andrew says:

    Julia doesn’t have the donahoe chin, her’s is more like Dave’s

    • Wow, you’ve really studied your family well!

      • Andrew says:

        My wife Linda wanted to know where Lucy got her pointy chin, I told her she got it from my Grandmother on my mom’s side and that all the aunts and most of my female cousins have it, then she proceeded to have me look for pictures of them all on facebook to show her for comparison. When we noted that Julia didn’t have the chin, she went on to creep Dave and that’s how I know…..

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