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“The Wedding” (Conclusion)

So, yeah, that was our wedding night. At least we didn’t end up at Denny’s* for a late-night, or should I say early-morning snack, which is what Laura had her heart set on before she saw the bed.

*(For those outside of North America, Denny’s is a 24-hour family restaurant, known for burnt coffee and greasy breakfasts, in addition to the clever names given to its menu items, such as “Moons Over My Hammy.” I think the only cool thing about Denny’s was being an eight-year-old and having the option of ordering spaghetti when it’s breakfast time. That, and they used to have a Flinstones themed menu for kids, which if it still existed, I would proudly order from).


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“The Wedding” (Part 13)


Marlon’s been demanding to see this strip reach the light of day since “The Wedding” storyline began! Sadly, it was one that I wasn’t able to include in collection of strips that I printed last month, but perhaps it will make it to print someday.

The a actual situation depicted here involved my mother yelling at Marlon, but I thought it would be more appropriate if his wife was the one doing the talking.

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“The Wedding” (Part 12)


Today’s strip goes down as (possibly) Laura’s favourite to date (which, all things considered, is a good thing). Laura’s drunk voice is one of the things I love most about her, so to capture it so effectively in comic strip form felt like an astounding feat!

ITEM! Saturday, September 22 (that’s this Saturday!) I’ll have a table set up at the Jet City Comic Show in Seattle. Details can be found here. It’s looking to be quite a big show, so I’m quite excited. If you’re in the area and looking for something to do other than enjoying the beautiful weather outside, stop on by!

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“The Wedding” (Part 10)

Presenting one of the more memorable events from our wedding. Most people were too drunk by this point to remember this, but it was caught on video, sound effects and all. Fighting Heather for the bouquet is Laura’s friend Andrea, who coincidentally came up with the title for this webcomic. The least I could do was make her into a cartoon character…

“The Wedding” (Interlude)

And now for something completely different…

A few months ago, a friend of mine from Singapore (and long time subscriber, natch!) asked if I could include her and her husband as part of the wedding. Problem was, they weren’t actually there. But being all heart and not wanting to let a loyal fan down, I came up with this. Lesson learned: be careful for what you ask for!

Long-time reader will know that Laura and I moved from Singapore just before we got married, so if you’re experiencing ‘Laura Knows Best’ for the first time (and if that’s the case, you’ve got some catching up to do!), that bit of inside info should clear up some possible confusion.

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“The Wedding” (Part 9)

So…yeah. What to say about this one? I refer to it as the ‘Sistine Chapel’ of LKB. It was a challenge, but at least I didn’t hurt my neck having to paint a ceiling.

The next installment of ‘Laura Knows Best’ will be a day late as I move to a Monday and Thursday schedule. So don’t panic when you don’t see an update on Sunday – I assure you, the world is not ending.

I will also be attending Vancouver ComiCon this Sunday between 11-5 at Heritage Hall on Main Street, so if you’re in the area, come on by!

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“The Wedding” (Part 8)

No joke, this really happened. In fact, for this strip and the last, I used photo references for nearly all of the panels to truly capture the essence of the moment. Of course, it was all a set-up orchestrated by my dad in advance (without mine our Laura’s knowledge).

Today’s strip is a bit of a milestone, as it’s the 50th strip published since it all began in January! To celebrate the anniversary, I thought I’d include a couple of goodies never before seen by the light of your computer screen.

When guests who were invited to our wedding opened their envelopes, not only did they get a rockin’ invitation, but an out of this world insert with information we felt our guests might need. Featured are the very first incarnations of us as cartoon characters, before work on the webcomic had begun.


On the reverse side of the above page was a map of Greater Vancouver that I drew with important points of interest (such as the location of the hotel, wedding venue, and our parents’ homes). Anticipating that our parents would not want to be deluged by the rabid LKB fans wanting to see where our heroes had grown up, I decided to leave that information out. However, the below image was featured in the center of the map, featuring Laura and her characteristic Marge Simpson growl. This is also a slight homage to Jeff Smith’s Bone, a comic book series that everyone should read at some point in their lives.


I hope you enjoyed the extras this week. Thank you again to everyone who has shown support for the strip by subscribing, ‘liking,’ reblogging, posting on Facebook, coming out to shows and purchasing copies of the print collection, or just by mentioning how much they’ve enjoyed the strip. I’ve mentioned this before, but your feedback and enthusiastic support go a long way to keep this strip going, and if you know of anyone who would like what you’ve been enjoying, be sure to share! Here’s to 50 more!


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