“The Wedding” (Conclusion)

So, yeah, that was our wedding night. At least we didn’t end up at Denny’s* for a late-night, or should I say early-morning snack, which is what Laura had her heart set on before she saw the bed.

*(For those outside of North America, Denny’s is a 24-hour family restaurant, known for burnt coffee and greasy breakfasts, in addition to the clever names given to its menu items, such as “Moons Over My Hammy.” I think the only cool thing about Denny’s was being an eight-year-old and having the option of ordering spaghetti when it’s breakfast time. That, and they used to have a Flinstones themed menu for kids, which if it still existed, I would proudly order from).


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2 thoughts on ““The Wedding” (Conclusion)

  1. Alli says:

    I imagine many wedding nights end up like this! And these days, a breakfast at Denny’s would be rare and nostalgic. I can taste those greasy hash browns now! Great cartoon – I love your style.

    • It’s true. All of my married friends warned me it would end up that way, but I was determined to be different! Having had a Denny’s breakfast recently on a road trip to San Francisco, I can honestly say that there’s not much to be nostalgic about…

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