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“The Eyepatch”

With the Hallowe’en season in full swing, I thought I’d get in the mood by producing a (somewhat) Hallowe’en themed strip. I honestly can’t remember when we had this conversation, but I had recorded it in my notebook sometime ago and thought this week would be an appropriate time to bring it up considering our streets will soon be overrun by pint-sized ghosts, goblins and zombie pirates (come to think of it, that’s pretty much the standard in our neighbourhood on any given day). It also gave me a chance to include a few trick-or-treaters that well-read readers might recognize!

ITEM! The fine folks at Rain City Collective recently gave Laura Knows Best a nice little plug – you can check the post here and check out the rest of their site for more comics work by some of Vancouver’s best and brightest!

ITEM! I’ll be at Vancouver Comicon this Sunday with copies of “The Wedding” for sale, along with a brand new collection of strips, titled: “So Long, Singapore.” More on this once I get my copies from the printer…

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“The Last Big Bash”

Last weekend was Laura’s birthday, and as you can see, the aftermath the morning after forced Laura to consider the mounting setbacks of staying up late drinking at our age. I refuse to go quietly into that dark night, however, which is what inspired what could very well be my favourite piece of dialogue as seen in panel 3.


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“The Offer”


Laura seems to be coming up with these rapid fire words of marital wisdom on an almost hourly basis. In this strip, Laura is initially offering to drive me to Vancouver Comicon back in September, where I was hawking copies of the Laura Knows Best mini-comic. There’ll be an upcoming show on November 4, so mark your calendars!


If you can’t make it to the show, you can order yourself a copy here.

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“The Wedding” (One Year Later)

When I first started work on ‘Laura Knows Best,’ I had this idea in mind that each strip would document something funny or absurd that had happened each week as the strip progressed. It was intended to be a comic diary of sorts, without really seeming like a diary. If you re-read some of those first strips, you should be able to get the gist.

Once I started work on what became ‘The Wedding’ storyline, I quickly realized that keeping an up-to-date ‘diary’ was going to be impossible. In a sense, the strip took on a life of its own. However, as I was working through the final strips of ‘The Wedding,’ I knew I wasn’t interested in keeping with the chronology that I’d been following up till this point. In addition, I wanted to maintain a certain degree of flexibility week-to-week should things come up that I wanted to draw right away. Hence the jump forward in time, and as you’ll see in the weeks to come, a return to the format that I had initially envisioned.

I thought it would be a good way to facilitate this shift and to cap off ‘The Wedding’ storyline by establishing where the key players in that story are a year later. This provides the advantage of not having to do a lot of set-up to explain certain events that have happened in the past year, but also gives you some inkling of the stories that might appear in the coming months.

I hope you enjoy the ride!

ITEM! If you’re interested in owning your very own piece of ‘Laura Knows Best’ history, you can now order ‘The Wedding’ mini-comic online from my Etsy shop! Copies are $5 CDN plus shipping. Check out the Ink Spill Press page for more details! (Note that the following chapters are not included: “The Wedding” Part 11, 13 and the interlude. Also not included are “The Rivalry” and “One Last Thing…”).

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