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“The Pimple”


I actually left out the part where Laura insisted I touch the zit, just so I could fully grasp how big it was. I guess you know you’re comfortable with someone when something like that doesn’t even faze you.

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“Hipster Bingo”



I thought I’d take last week’s discussion on hipsters to the next level and let everyone in on the fun! A game like this would be easy to play in my neighbourhood – hopefully you can make it work in yours!

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“The Hipster Question”

EPSON MFP imageIn truth, I don’t know what I’d do without hipsters. I think, deep down, I really want to be one, but I don’t think I have the patience to put together a wardrobe that is at once clashing yet stylish everyday.

For the best video I’ve seen on hipster culture, check out the clip from Portlandia below:


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“The Bouncing Koala”


Long-time readers might have noticed Netty and her Koala beanie popping up from time to time. Those same people may have also been scratching their heads wondering why anyone would be wearing a Koala beanie to a bachelorette party or a wedding. I will endeavour to clear up the confusion by stating a few important facts regarding Netty and her koala beanie.*

1) Netty is wearing a koala beanie because she is Australian.

2) There are koalas in Australia.

3) She actually owns a beanie in the shape of a koala’s head, as all Australians do.**

4) It looks cool and I like to draw it.

*Beanie is Australian for toque, which we all know is the correct way of calling it what it is.

**Except for people in Queensland. They have really cool platypus beanies with long brims.

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