“The Ridge”



The Ridge was one of the last remaining single-screen neighbourhood cinemas in Vancouver and was forced to close its doors this weekend. The theatre first opened in 1950, and whether or not it was intended, had managed to keep much of the character of that era over the decades. For a many years, The Ridge was more or less a community-run venture, where volunteers gave up their time to keep the popcorn popping and the projector projecting a variety of eclectic films. It was bought out by a more mainstream chain of local cinemas in recent years, but it somehow continued to retain its sense of charm.

Laura and I caught a show on Friday (incidentally, the documentary Searching for Sugar Man which you should all see), and it was amazing to see so many people coming out to pay their respects to the theatre. Some people were quite emotional as they left the building for the last time. Clearly, it was more than a building for many of us, and it will be missed.




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6 thoughts on ““The Ridge”

  1. djmatticus says:

    Always sad to see neighborhood fixtures like this close down. Hopefully they’ll come up with a use for the space that can still act as a community focal point… I don’t know if you are familiar with the TV show Smallville – but in that show they turned an old single screen theatre into a coffee shop: didn’t have to give it much of a face lift, just brought in some tables, changed up the food selection, and then used the theatre to space to host random community events and screen the occasional movie. Always really liked that.

    • Yes, I remember that from the show. I think the members of the community where this theatre is situated were hoping that the developer would consider something like that (there’s also a vintage bowling alley that’s apart of this block that they were fighting to keep), but that’s not going to happen. Instead, just more over-priced condos…

      • djmatticus says:

        Hooray for ridiculously over priced condos! Blah. I’d say that eventually their prices need to come back down to some semblance of reasonable – but, people just keeping picking them up, and as long as that demand is there the prices will stay high. So, I reiterate: blah.

  2. stripman says:

    Sad story… Is someone going to rescue the stained glass windows ?

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