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As promised, this week features a very special guest writer, Laura herself!

I left Laura to man the table to Vancouver Fan Expo last weekend, and suggested that while I was gone she write a strip. This is what she came up with! Of course, she wouldn’t let me post the original drawing that she did, but I stayed true to her vision and followed her draft to the letter. She claims this is a one-time deal, but I kinda liked seeing things from her perspective. What do you say? You wanna see more?


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LKB80_Semantics_WebIf anything, this weekend’s FanExpo in Vancouver gave me a chance to catch up on some comicking, which allowed me to get this out on time! I displayed this piece once I’d finished working on it, and the very first person person to speak to me afterwards asked me if ‘we’ (meaning Laura and I, natch!) were pregnant. Ah….

Next week: Brace yourselves for a very special guest writer – none other than Laura herself! Stay tuned!



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“The Married Life”

TheMarriedLife_Cover_WebI’m super excited about this weekend’s FanExpo in Vancouver! This is the second year running, and if last year’s crowds are any indication, this is gonna be big! Comics greats Stan Lee, Neal Adams and others will be in attendance, along with a slew of media guests like that guy from the movie Rudy and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s stunt double. Oh yeah, and I’ll be there too, exhibiting under the ‘Ink Spill Press’ banner! Copies of the new Laura Knows Best mini-comic, The Married Life, will be available for purchase, along with some other goodies. Should be fun!



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“The Announcement”

LKB79_TheAnnouncement_WebAnd we’re back!

Hopefully the wait hasn’t been too painful. The last couple of months of have insanely busy for me, and unfortunately making comics was placed on the back burner. Hopefully that can change as Laura and I are about to embark on a minefield of comic mishaps!

Once you’ve done soaking in this bit of news, check out the song “Pregnant Women Are Smug” by Garfunkel and Oates:


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