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LKB86_TheProminence_WebPhew! What a month this has been. I was intent on getting this out before the end of the month, so basically the only things yet to be ┬ápacked up in our apartment are my scanner and this computer. We move out tomorrow and I’m looking forward to a less claustrophobic space…that will soon be filled with lots of baby stuff. I’m wondering if having this baby was yet another ploy by Laura to prevent me from finding space to display my Muppet Show collection.


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“The Quandary”

LKB85_TheQuandary_WebYes, that’s right. At the top of my concerns as a future parent is what my child will make of Jar-Jar Binks. In fact, why not the entire Star Wars Prequel Trilogy? Of course, there won’t be talk of Episodes I-III in our house, but I’m worried about what he or she will hear on the playground…

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