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“Murdered by Meatballs!”

LKB90_MurderedbyMeatballs_WebI had a lot of fun working on this strip, and I’ve got to give Marlon credit for developing the scenario to this week’s comic (in particular the valley of fallen food).

The look of and pacing of the strip was influenced by two cartoonists – one being the legendary Harvey Kurtzman, who wrote, drew and edited some of the most unique war comics during the 1950s, however, he is better known for his work in humour (particularly in creating MAD magazine!). Fantagraphics Books released a collection of these strips last year called The Corpse on The Imjin – it’s definitely worth a look if you haven’t already.  I’m also a big fan of Bill Watterson’s Calvin and Hobbes, and always enjoyed the Spaceman Spiff strips that placed readers within the imaginary world of Calvin’s mind.

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A Broken Pencil Review!

Whoa, I was not expecting this. After a lacklustre showing at the Portland Zine Symposium, I was wondering if there was much of a market for upbeat, humorous autobiographical comics free of angst and episodes of manic depression. Apparently there is.

This month’s issue of broken pencila Canadian magazine of “zine culture and the independent arts,” features a stunning review of Laura Knows Best: The Wedding, a collection of strips that appeared last year on this very site! (Click below to zoom in).


This was an unexpected and humbling surprise, and I can’t thank broken pencil enough for validating the work I’ve put into these strips. I also loved the fact that the reviewer considered the “Captain BJ” strip a highlight (deservedly so!).

broken pencil also organizes the popular Canzine in Toronto and Canzine West in Vancouver on November 10, where I’ll be appearing once again this year. There was such a variety of works at last year’s festival in Vancouver, that there’s bound to be something for everyone. So mark your calendars now!

I’ll take this moment to cash in on my fifteen minutes of fame to plug my Etsy shop, where all 3 Laura Knows Best mini-comics are on sale for cheap! The link is also available on my ‘About’ page for your convenience!


(Or if you live in the Vancouver area, you can check out Laura Knows Best: The Wedding from the Central Branch!)


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“The Stare”



There’s just something about the way that small children stare at me that freaks me out a little. You know that look – intense, expressionless, doubtful. It’s like they’re something peering into your soul and seeing something that no one else can.

This strip has been percolating for awhile, and was supposed to debut back in February when Marlon first appeared in his baby survival gear. Due to hectic scheduling, a trip to Europe and a special announcement of our own, it got shelved until now. For those who weren’t around or don’t remember those first strips, here they are:




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“The Boss”

LKB88_TheBoss_WebTo Laura’s credit, she did turn around immediately after saying this and realized that she had just been bossy again, but I thought the strip ended best where it did!

Keen observers will notice that our kitchen is a little different than it was a few months ago – that’s ’cause we moved. Just when I was getting a hang of drawing the previous apartment’s layout!

This weekend I’ll be travelling to Portland for the Portland Zine Symposium. It runs on Saturday from 10-6 and Sunday from 10-5 at the Ambridge Event Center located at 1333 NE MLK Boulevard. I’ll have Laura Knows Best mini-comics for sale and it will be a sure-fire place to play some Hipster Bingo. Come check it out if you’re in the area!


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