A Broken Pencil Review!

Whoa, I was not expecting this. After a lacklustre showing at the Portland Zine Symposium, I was wondering if there was much of a market for upbeat, humorous autobiographical comics free of angst and episodes of manic depression. Apparently there is.

This month’s issue of broken pencila Canadian magazine of “zine culture and the independent arts,” features a stunning review of Laura Knows Best: The Wedding, a collection of strips that appeared last year on this very site! (Click below to zoom in).


This was an unexpected and humbling surprise, and I can’t thank broken pencil enough for validating the work I’ve put into these strips. I also loved the fact that the reviewer considered the “Captain BJ” strip a highlight (deservedly so!).

broken pencil also organizes the popular Canzine in Toronto and Canzine West in Vancouver on November 10, where I’ll be appearing once again this year. There was such a variety of works at last year’s festival in Vancouver, that there’s bound to be something for everyone. So mark your calendars now!

I’ll take this moment to cash in on my fifteen minutes of fame to plug my Etsy shop, where all 3 Laura Knows Best mini-comics are on sale for cheap! The link is also available on my ‘About’ page for your convenience!


(Or if you live in the Vancouver area, you can check out Laura Knows Best: The Wedding from the Central Branch!)


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4 thoughts on “A Broken Pencil Review!

  1. Kien says:

    That’s so Awesome! Great review Brett, congrats!

  2. Arno says:

    Awesome! Well deserved.

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