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“The Baby Shower”


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“The Belly Rub”

LKB94_TheBelly_WebOne of the most common questions Laura gets from people she knows who’ve been pregnant (even I get asked this) is whether or not she’s had strangers come up to her and rub her belly. I’d seen it happen once to a friend of ours at a party in Singapore, but I thought it had something to do with the fact that the person doing the rubbing was a little loopy and drunk. But no, apparently it happens quite often and science has failed to explain why.


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“The Name”




To think that just a few years ago an Avengers joke would have fallen completely on its face. Perhaps it still did…Anyway, bonus points to the astute reader who can name all of the corresponding superhero names of the Avengers listed here.

By the way, choosing a name has been the most challenging part of this experience. There’s a lot of pressure when you think about it. Is the name overused? How will it fare on the playground? How does it sound when being yelled?

One last thing – this is the first strip I’ve done mostly digitally courtesy of a Wacom Bamboo tablet my parents got me for Christmas last year. There are a few kinks to work out, but I felt as a first stab at it that this strip turned out alright. Let me know what you think!

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“The Birthing Video”



I’ve got to give Laura credit – after watching video after video after video of women in labour during our pre-natal class, she seemed a lot more assured of what she was going to have to go through. She may feel confident – I’m beginning to wonder how I’m going to get through the delivery.

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