“The Birthing Video”



I’ve got to give Laura credit – after watching video after video after video of women in labour during our pre-natal class, she seemed a lot more assured of what she was going to have to go through. She may feel confident – I’m beginning to wonder how I’m going to get through the delivery.

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7 thoughts on ““The Birthing Video”

  1. Matt Turner says:

    This has to be my favourite carton yet. Awesome! I always enjoy your posts Brett, but this one really made me LOL! (That’s fashionable talk for ‘Laugh Out Loud’).

  2. Jerry Halliwell says:

    I have started collecting presents for the new babe. I need an address. Colleen forgot to send me that before she left. Love your comic strip. Loved even more your review a few weeks ago. Hope you had a great birthday Brett James ! A new chapter of your life is about to begin! Love Val

  3. Andrew says:

    Why in heavens would you guys be watching birthing videos, let alone a video!?!?! I watched one in grade 7 health class…. that was enough for me….. Also why is video pluralized?…. is there any need to watch more than one?….. Is this some sort of Laura torture for you Brett? All you need to know is to keep hydrated (with orange juice or Gatorade) so you don’t faint on Laura and have your hand ready for the strongest longest hand squeeze of your life…. then when it’s all done (if its just you, Laura and the baby) and everyone is settled be ready to run, at request, ASAP down to the cafeteria grab the greasiest hamburger and something to drink since Laura probably hasn’t had food for nearly a day…. I’m still in horror of the thought of watching a birthing video…..

  4. Trust me, we weren’t watching them out of pleasure – we took a pre-natal class in July and yes, we watched multiple videos documenting each stage of labour. Matt – sadly not too many minge shots. The only one I recall was one documenting what’s called ‘the bloody show.’ I’ll leave that to your imagination…

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