“The Wheels on the Bus”

NewLKB8_WebThis one’s been on high rotation since the beginning. Surprisingly, it hasn’t lost it’s shine. My advice to new parents? Choose a song you actually like, ’cause you’re gonna hear it a lot…

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3 thoughts on ““The Wheels on the Bus”

  1. Colleen's friend Joelle says:

    Try “Go With the Flow” by the Mother Goose Jazz Band. It’s a more sophisticated treatment of children’s classics that bear repeated listening by adults.

  2. Andrew MacDonald says:

    Lucy has really gotten into “Frosty the Snowman”. At the end of June on a very warm day, driving to Toronto to get Linda moved in to the Condo, I got stuck in stop-go traffic on Hwy 401, but needed to keep my windows down (due to the AC being broke in the car). Lucy had missed her nap time, so we were singing “Frosty the Snowman” for about an hour…. and since our windows were down… well I got some odd looks from folks as we or they crawled passed each others cars…

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