Brett Williams always dreamed of being a cartoon character, and now he finally is! And he just had to drag his ever-loving wife Laura along for the ride!

Laura Knows Best is an autobiographical comic strip documenting the more humorous, tragicomic and outlandish events in the lives of Brett and Laura.

Brett first began working on the strip while he and Laura were living in Singapore, documenting aspects of their lives in the last few months of their stay. He continued to draw when they returned to Canada, making those closest to him worried about when they’ll see themselves in comic form ever since.

Look forward to new ‘Laura Knows Best’ comics every Monday. You can subscribe by entering your email address on the main page, or follow updates on Twitter at @brettwilliams79.

You can also purchase the following Laura Knows Best mini-comic collections through my Etsy store:



4 thoughts on “About

  1. Bert says:

    Hi Brett and Laura. Papa and Jeff here. Jeff just logged me into your cartoon so I should get the email every Monday. Jeff thinks you should add me to a cartoon sometime. Great work.

  2. Sam says:

    Hey Brett, it Sam from Fan Expo AND Van Caf!
    I’ve added you to my CAF gallery! woot woot!

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