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“The Fan”



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“The Wheels on the Bus”

NewLKB8_WebThis one’s been on high rotation since the beginning. Surprisingly, it hasn’t lost it’s shine. My advice to new parents? Choose a song you actually like, ’cause you’re gonna hear it a lot…

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“The Laundry”

NewLKB7_WebThe parenting books are rife with tips on feeding, napping, and hygiene, but they don’t provide new parents with the most significant impact caring for a newborn will have on the household: the laundry. I swear this stuff just grows in piles around our house like a bad mould. I don’t know where it all comes from and I don’t know how to get rid of it.


“The Birth Story”

NewLKB_6There’s nothing quite like a good birth story to bring women together. I guess reliving the trauma of labour again and again and again is in some way therapeutic.

Anyway, congrats to A.G. on the delivery of a bouncing baby girl! (Well, maybe not bouncing yet – those newborn necks are a bit floppy). All the best!

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“The Recovery”


Laura has said on a number of occasions that she wished more women talked about recovery after labour. It seems that everyone is so fixated on labour because of the intensity of the experience and the anticipation of the baby’s arrival, that they forget to tell you that you that there’s a whole world o’ pain and discomfort awaiting once that sucker’s out!

I suppose our friend and Laura Knows Best guest star A.G. will soon find out first hand in a matter of hours. She’s in labour as I write this, and I have a feeling why things have been so slow for her is due to the delay in getting this strip out. Sorry, A.G.!

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“The Lullabies”


Apart from the Flintstones theme song, these were the only songs I used to sing Finley when he was first born, mainly because they were the only songs whose lyrics I knew. Sadly, none of these songs have had the staying power that something like “The Wheels on the Bus” has had. At least I tried…

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“The Milk Lady”


Gentlemen, a word of advice: don’t call your wife ‘the Milk Lady.” I’m just glad we can all laugh about it now.

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“The Feed”

NewLKB2_WebFirst off, a very Happy Mother’s Day to all of the mothers out there! Having now experienced what mothers go through before, during and after birth, I’d argue that there’s no good reason why we shouldn’t be celebrating mothers 365 days a year (and 366 every four). That said, I’d probably go broke buying flowers, and breakfast in bed would no doubt lose its novelty.

This week’s strip takes us back to the first few weeks of Finley’s life, which pretty much looked like this day in and day out. What impressed me most was Laura’s resilience in the face of exhaustion and recovery from labour. I don’t recall ever hearing her complain and she always made Finley feel as if he was the most important person in her life, regardless of the time of day (or night). I guess that’s what being a mom is all about!


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“The Wake-Up Call”


For all of you long-time followers of Laura Knows Best – welcome back! Hopefully you’re as excited to read this latest series of strips as I am to make ’em! It’s taken awhile for me to adjust to life with a new baby, but hopefully I’ll be able to keep things on track for the near future.  For those of you discovering the strip for the first time, buckle in and check out the archive to catch up on all that’s happened before!

See you on Sunday for a special Laura Knows Best Mother’s Day moment!

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“Laura’s Tailgate Party,” or, “The Lost Episode”


So, it’s been awhile! Who would have thought that having a newborn in the house would take away time from drawing comics? I’ve been debating whether or not to make a return to the drawing board for some time now – I guess in some way I was waiting for the right mix of inspiration and motivation to get the ball rolling. I’m still working on a few details, but hopefully you’ll see some new Laura Knows Best starting in early May!

In the meantime, I’ve finally managed to sit down and complete the above strip, the events from which took place about a week-and-a-half before Finley made his debut. The reason it was never completed is simple – Laura went into labour. In fact, I think I may have been working on it in between contractions…

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this lost episode. See you again soon!

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