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“The Wake-Up Call”


For all of you long-time followers of Laura Knows Best – welcome back! Hopefully you’re as excited to read this latest series of strips as I am to make ’em! It’s taken awhile for me to adjust to life with a new baby, but hopefully I’ll be able to keep things on track for the near future.  For those of you discovering the strip for the first time, buckle in and check out the archive to catch up on all that’s happened before!

See you on Sunday for a special Laura Knows Best Mother’s Day moment!

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LKB82_Exhaustion_WebWe were out last Friday night when Laura looked at her watch and realized that she was still wide awake past 9:30 PM (a remarkable feat for Laura, pregnant or not). Needless to say, she’s quite thrilled to be past this point in her pregnancy. On that note, so am I!


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“The Night Before…”

Comics versus sleep? There’s only one obvious winner, even on the eve of one’s own wedding.


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“The Clock”

The clock in question is actually one that I purchased in China. Painted on the clock face is an inspirational revolutionary scene depicting the proletariat rising up against the evil forces of capitalism. When the alarm rings, the fist of one of the cadres raises up and down, feverishly rallying his comrades to move forward in their struggle. It is a beautiful thing to see, not to mention loud.

The words coming out of Laura’s mouth aren’t really hers but mine. You should see the look she gets when she sees a baby. Her entire face just melts in pure ecstasy and she pretty much turns to goo. In other words, it’s really me who can hear her clock ticking, ’cause it’s so damn loud.

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