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“The Wedding” (Part 7)

I guess Laura had reason for concern after all. How could Nathan have possibly messed this one up? Find out this Sunday!


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“The Wedding” (Part 6)

It’s shocking to think that Laura wouldn’t trust us to bring the most important things we could possibly be responsible for on our wedding day. On second thought, it’s not shocking at all. For once, at least, it wasn’t my judgement and sense of responsibility being questioned!

Through the magic of the internet, you should be reading this just as the doors open to the Comix & Stories convention at Heritage Hall in Vancouver. As I mentioned in the last post, I’ll be there with copies of the first LKB collection of comic strips titled, most appropriately, “The Wedding.” The collection includes most of the strips that have led up to and including the wedding and clocks in at a colossal 32 pages. I might also add that it’s 100% uncensored, meaning that all the things too shocking to appear on the internet are there for the world to see. That’s pretty much worth the cost of admission right there! So if you’re reading this and you live in the area (and would rather spend your afternoon in a stuffy hall surrounded by a bunch of hipsters than at the beach), come on by and say hello.

Here’s a sneak peak of the cover (right side being the front):


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“The Wedding” (Part 5)

Ugh. I don’t even remember whose idea this was, but I take credit for it here. Even more unfortunate than this situation was the fact that I managed to lose Galactus’ ‘ear’ in the process.

In other news, I’ll be appearing at Comix & Stories this Sunday in Vancouver, BC. Billed as “a day of alternative and small press comics, zines, artwork and culture,” I’ll be there with snazzy business cards and postcards, as well as the very first LKB comic strip collection for sale! So if you’re in the area, pop in and say hello. You can get more details on the event here.


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“The Wedding” (Part 4)

And that’s why Laura knows best. Ugh. I didn’t really type that did I? Yeah, I did. Forgive me.


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“The Wedding” (Part 3)

This strip was a lot of fun to draw. I took inspiration from The Smurfs to draw Heather and Leesa scrambling around the house as if they were being chased by Gargamel. Now that would be a strip!

This strip also sees the official introduction of Laura’s other sister Julia (she had a kind of cameo during the party scene a couple of weeks ago), who along with Heather and Leesa, plays the role of bridesmaid. She also holds the honour of being the hardest person to draw, which partly explains why she doesn’t look much like she does in real life. Sorry, Julia. I tried.


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“The Wedding” (Part 2)

The big reveal from last day’s shocking cliffhanger! What will Laura do? Will the ceremony be a shambles? Will the photos be ruined? Will Brett once and for all draw Leesa with a consistent hairstyle? Find out next Wednesday in a narrative so epic in proportions that it could only be called…”The Wedding” (Part 3)!


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“The Wedding” (Part 1)

And it begins! Just about everything that’s happened in “Laura Knows Best” since it began has led to this moment. Well, not this particular moment, but the wedding in general. You get the idea.

Now what could possibly cause Laura to be so alarmed? Take a close look, and you might get it. Otherwise, tune in on Sunday for more pre-wedding calamity!


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“The Night Before…”

Comics versus sleep? There’s only one obvious winner, even on the eve of one’s own wedding.


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“The Hangover”

I think this day goes on record as the most painful of my life. If we weren’t expected to be at my parents’ house that night for a big BBQ, I don’t think I ever would have gotten out of bed…

On another note, for those of you how regularly tune in via Facebook, LKB will be on autopilot for the next couple of weeks while Laura and I do some travelling. That means that I won’t be sending updates through Facebook, however, there will continue to be new comics posted during that time through the magic of WordPress. So if you don’t want to miss any of the action, scroll down to the bottom of the screen and subscribe to receive updates via email and you won’t miss a beat!

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